Have you ever seen anything that made you grin at your computer screen despite yourself? Well, we sure have … this clip! And don’t worry, if you accidentally “aww” in a public place, just show everyone the video, they’ll get it!

This sweet video features a rescued cow from Hof Butenland sanctuary in Germany. The little cow seems to love nothing more than passing the days out in the sunshine alongside her human BFF. You can tell that this cow is on cloud nine by her facial expressions. Check out her face 37 seconds in – if that’s not pure bliss we don’t know what is!

This is pretty much the daily routine for cows at Hof Butenland animal sanctuary. At this beautiful place, they believe that all animals deserve the chance to be loved and respected and they certainly do their best to ensure that’s the case – as you can see in this video. To learn more about Hof Butenland, check out their Facebook and visit their website.

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