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As animal lovers, there is nothing that pains us more than hearing stories of horrific animal abuse. We see our pets and furry companions as members of our families, and as such, deserving of all the love and respect that we would afford any human. Unfortunately, many people do not share these sentiments. Tragically, the person who owned Tuffy the six-week-old puppy was one of the latter.

Tuffy was only a few weeks old when his owner poured a pot of boiling water on him and threw him off a fourth-floor balcony. Why would someone EVER do this? Well, apparently the small pup had chewed on their cell phone.

Thankfully, a kind woman named Yan found Tuffy and set out to right all the wrongs that had been done to this little one. Yan took Tuffy to a local vet every day for two weeks, but his condition just wasn’t improving. In an act of desperation, she took the pup to Animals Asia’s bear sanctuary for help.

Although the vets at this sanctuary are used to seeing some pretty terrible forms of animal abuse, they were beside themselves learning what had happened to this small pup. It was truly a miracle that Tuffy survived, so they were determined to do all they could to help.

After week-long intensive treatment, the puppy started to improve. By the end of the video, you won’t even recognize Tuffy!

This story just goes to show that no matter how terrible things may be, a little bit of compassion can go a long, long way!

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