North Atlantic Right Whales are one of the rarest large whales. Their population has dwindled due to years of commercial whaling and now there are only about 400 Right whales left. These huge whales were such a popular target for whalers because their thick blubber made them float to the surface when dead. Thus, they earned their name as the “right” whale to hunt. In 1949, they gained international protection; however, they are still endangered. Now the greatest threats to these animals are entanglement in fishing gear, colliding with shipping vessels, and ocean noise pollution.

At the end of June, a dead six-month-old Right Whale was found off the coast of New Jersey. The autopsy suggests that the poor baby whale collided with a shipping vessel, which caused fatal injuries. In February, an emaciated 19-year-old Right Whale was spotted, with a rope and buoys in her mouth. Scientists believe that fishing gear she is entangled in prohibits her from eating and thus, has severely weakened her. This is an especially worrisome occurrence since she is a female that is still capable of reproducing again.

North Atlantic Right Whales can’t afford many more deaths. In order to keep them from going extinct, we need to demand more protection for them! The SAVE Right Whales Act (S. 2453), a bill before Congress supported by members of both parties, would make federal funding available for much-needed conservation efforts to protect the North Atlantic right whale. It would also expand research on ways to reduce vessel collisions and entanglement in fishing gear. Sign this petition to ask your senators to help save the North Atlantic right whale from extinction by supporting the SAVE Right Whales Act.

To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:

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