Rodeos are cruel events. Why is it fun to sit with your family and watch animals be abused and murdered? Just seeing photos and videos, the fear in the animals’ eyes is striking, imagine sitting there watching it in person. Currently, it’s summertime in New Zealand and it’s unfortunately, the time of year when rodeo events are held.

In these rodeos, there is so much abuse and torture. One of the most prominent and heartbreaking events is the calf roping or ‘rope and tie,’ in which “calves as young as three months old are chased at high speed, dragged to a sudden stop with a choking rope around the neck and thrown to the ground. This is a horrific experience causing stress, fear and pain,” as explained by SAFE.


Another event in these cruel rodeos is calf riding “where these baby animals are ridden by children. An irritating flank strap, which makes them buck, is wrenched tight around their hindquarters before they are forced into the ring.”

Warning: the video below contains distressing content.

This Care2 petition goes into more detail: “For those animals that don’t cooperate, rodeo riders use various tools to get them to buck and put on a good, entertaining show. They may prod them with an electric shocker to provoke a buck, poke them with spurs, or fit them with “flank straps” – a rope tied tightly around the animals’ abdomen.”

This is no way to treat an animal. Can you imagine how terrifying that must be?


To speak up against these cruel rodeos, use SAFE’s template to email National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) asking them to prohibit the use of baby calves in these events as a start. And sign this petition calling for a complete ban on rodeos in New Zealand!

Sign these other similar petitions as well:

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