Bullfighting is a terrible, cruel “bloodsport.” A spectacle is made of brutally torturing and killing a bull. Just recently, a video went viral in which a matador (a person who kills bulls) was seen wiping the tears from a bloodied bull he had been torturing for thirty minutes. After wiping his tears, the matador proceeded to torture and kill him. Another disturbing video that went viral a few months ago showed a bull dragging itself on the ground after its hind legs were broken in a bull running festival in Spain. The tradition of brutally torturing these animals is horrible as it is, but it will only continue if Spain continues to teach children these traditions which is what they do at bullfighting schools and training sessions.

Although the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has urged Spain to keep children from the “harmful effects” of bullfighting, Spain has not done so. The UN said that bullfighting exposes children to extreme violence. However, there are 55 bullfighting academies in Spain. Recently, gruesome photos went viral of a training session in which children as young as fourteen years old were seen holding freshly cut bull ears and tails as trophies.


According to a recent article in The Epoch Times: “In recent years, a series of left-wing councils—or regional governments—have prohibited bullfighting and cut subsidies for matador training schools, saying they oppose cruelty to animals or don’t want public money to be used for this end.”

Silvia Barquero of Spanish animal rights political party Pacma told The Epoch Times: “The tide of public opinion is changing in Spain. Only a tiny proportion approve of bullfighting or go to see the slaughter and call it entertainment.” Therefore, the majority of people in Spain agree that a tradition so cruel isn’t worth keeping.

Ideally, bullfighting would be outlawed, but for now we can at the very least prevent teaching such violence to children. They are just being taught that they have the right to take the life of an animal and that doing so is entertaining and profitable. If you agree, sign this petition urging Spain to no longer allow children to participate in any form of bullfighting whatsoever!

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