When farm animals are born with deformities or disabilities, they usually do not get treated because it is not profitable to the farm. Instead, that animal will likely be killed immediately or left to suffer until their slaughter. However, there are some lucky animals that escape this fate.

Sophie was born on a sheep farm where she deemed useless due to her disability. She was unable to stand, but a worker took pity on this sweet girl and saved her. The woman convinced the farm owner to let her take Sophie home to her small farm, but soon realized that Sophie needed more care than she could give. Thus, the woman brought her over to the Farm Sanctuary.

Farm Sanctuary staff took Sophie to the animal hospital where they learned that she had contracted tendons, pneumonia, and selenium and vitamin E deficiencies. With proper care and treatment, Sophie finally began to heal. They used splints to help her learn how to walk and a few months later, she could walk all on her own! Sophie is one resilient little sheep that now has the chance to show people how sweet and amazing sheep are. Watch her take her first of many steps! It’s absolutely amazing to see and so heartwarming to know that she got this chance at a free life.

If you’d like to support animals like Sophie, you can donate to Farm Sanctuary here.

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