Living through a pandemic is confusing and scary for everyone. Many are quarantined, many are on lockdown, and most of us are social distancing and self-isolation to do our best. There is is a lot to learn from this time, especially concerning the humane treatment of animals. Factory farming and eating animals, for instance, are both strongly tied to coronavirus and other zoonotic diseases. And right now, animals used for lab testing, something that animal rights activists have long fought against, are suffering even more than usual due to lab shutdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

At the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, scientists were told to cull their mouse/rodent colonies as much as possible in response to the public health crisis caused by COVID-19. Universities across the country are actually freezing embryos and culling the rest of their lab animals.

Senior vice president of PETA, Kathy Guillermo says: “Experimenters are again choosing the path of convenience and simply killing animals who should never have been bought, bred, or experimented on in the first place.” She calls it a “killing spree.” If animals were never used this way, bred in captivity or forced to undergo testing and experiments, then they wouldn’t undergo cruel culls like this. The scientists claim to feel sad about doing it, but they don’t feel sad about subjecting the animals to testing and experimentation.

Science Magazine notes that in many labs, animals are euthanized anyway when not born with the genetic profile needed for an experiment. This crisis is just highlighting what is already fundamentally wrong with animal testing.

Sign this petition calling for an end to animal testing in the United States.

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