It’s no secret that the fur industry is nothing but cruel, horrific practices. There’s really no use in the fur industry even denying it at this point, but sadly they’re still trying. Undercover investigations have found animals such as mink, foxes, rabbits, chinchillas and more displaying strange behavior that is indicative of psychological distress. The animals are also crammed into tiny wire cages stacked above one another surrounded by filth, feces, contaminated water, and the dead bodies of other animals. In order to deny the truth, a scheme of a campaign has been launched called “WelFur.”

According to Humane Society International, veterinarians are condemning the campaign as “cynical ‘smoke and mirrors’ attempt to hide animal suffering.” WelFur, “which is entirely fur industry-led and voluntary — does not ensure that farmed foxes and mink living in battery cages have their behavioural needs met, nor does it provide assurance that individual animals do not suffer from physical or mental health problems.”

Claire Bass, Executive Director of Humane Society International/UK (a Fur Free Alliance member), told One Green Planet: “WelFur is little more than cynical PR spin from a fur industry desperate to shake off its reputation for animal cruelty. Animals farmed for their fur, such as foxes, mink and raccoon dogs are highly active, wide-ranging predators with behavioural and biological needs that simply cannot be met in a barren metre-squared battery cage. Their intensive confinement often leads to serious psychological and physical problems, which I have witnessed first hand when I’ve visited fur farms. No amount of smoke and mirrors from this WelFur scheme can hide the fact that fur farming causes indefensible animal suffering and needs to be banned.”

Some of the essential needs of animals that are completely ignored are the need for foxes to dig and the fact that mink are semi-aquatic and need to be in water for physical and mental wellbeing. To learn more about the issues with the WelFur campaign, read the report by Fur Free Alliance.

To speak up against the cruel fur industry, sign this petition urging New York lawmakers to make the state fur free!

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