Tricia, Brian, and Brady Hurt were sailing in Marshmiller Lake when they saw a cub that had his head stuck in a plastic container. They resolved to help free the poor bear, who was obviously struggling to continue in this state. After a few attempts, they were finally able to pull the container of the cub’s head, so that he could swim, see, and breathe freely. Luckily, the bear seemed to be okay and was able to continue on, despite the stress that being stuck likely caused him.

Unfortunately, like this cub, many animals, on land and in the ocean, are harmed due to plastic pollution. A coyote recently got its head stuck in a similar type of plastic jug and had to be saved by a Wildlife Refuge. Sea turtles, seals, sea lions, sea birds, fish, whales, and dolphins are some of the many victims of plastic polluted waters. They often eat and get trapped by plastic, which causes injuries and death.

We’re so happy to hear that this bear was saved, but there are still so many animals suffering because of human’s irresponsible use and disposal of plastic items. We have to be responsible consumers and pressure companies, as well as the government to make more sustainable and environmentally-friendly decisions in terms of packaging.

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