In Defense of Animals and Jindo Love Rescue partnered in 2017 and since then have successfully saved hundreds of dogs from the dog meat trade and rehomed them in the U.S. and Canada. There are an estimated 2.5 million dogs raised and brutally slaughtered for meat every year in South Korea. It’s difficult work as it is to rescue the dogs, but with the global coronavirus outbreak, rescue operations have been affected.

There are dogs who were saved from the dog meat trade who are now stranded. Because of the global health crisis, there are decreased number of travelers, canceled flights and travel bans. But not only are dogs waiting to get to their forever homes in North America, the organizations are unable to rescue more dogs while caring for the ones that are waiting.

They need to make space in the rescue center. Each dog costs $150 to support with food, vaccinations, bedding and specialized care for every week they are delayed due to the lack of flight volunteers. The costs are adding up day by day.

Patti Kim, President of Jindo Love Rescue told One Green Planet: “This coronavirus outbreak is having a massive effect on our dog meat rescue operations — it has been a nightmare for us and the dogs. Loving forever homes are waiting for dogs in the U.S., but we simply can’t get them there. So many flights have been canceled and many people are too scared to fly. We are desperately appealing for anyone who is planning on flying directly to the U.S. or Canada from South Korea to become a flight volunteer and offer a ticket to freedom to a dog meat survivor. If you are not traveling but want to help, please consider making a donation to support the dogs.”

Fleur Dawes, Communications Director for In Defense of Animals added: “COVID-19 is devastating for humans but now it’s having a huge effect on dogs who have already suffered at the hands of the dog meat trade. Even if you’re not traveling from South Korea, you can still make a big difference for these dogs who need urgent help. Please consider sponsoring a stranded dog meat survivor.”

These are understandably scary times for traveling, so even with the organizations covering the costs, many people will not be able to help who might have before this outbreak. But you can donate and you can sponsor a dog. Eight dogs are currently waiting to fly to their new homes, and many more are available for adoption. These dogs already suffered so much at the hands of humans, they shouldn’t be living another nightmare. However, if you are flying sometime soon, you only need to allocate some extra time at the start and end of your trip, the rest is handled.

To speak up for other dogs still suffering in that industry, sign this petition asking Congress to take action against the international dog meat trade.

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