The coronavirus pandemic we are currently living through has caused unprecedented damage. We’ve had to isolate and quarantine at a mass scale in a way we’ve never done. Cities, countries have shut down, businesses have closed, alarming rates of people have lost their jobs. And for those of us just trying to survive, we can feel pretty helpless. But one man, Ye Jialin, decided that he was going to not just take action, but he was going to help those who couldn’t help themselves — pets!

People were forced to evacuate from Wuhan when coronavirus reached its peak there. And anyone who was not in the city was not able to return. Many people left just enough food and water for a few days for their pets thinking they’d be returning fast. But they were not able to get back so fast. Many pets died.

Ye Jialin, however, was doing his best to prevent many pets dying. He volunteered to enter the homes of people whose pets were all alone, to feed them, give them fresh water, and check on them. He was given access to some apartments. Some people were so worried that they even told him to break in.

At one point, he discovers that one of the cats he’s looking for died, but instead of breaking the woman’s heart, he tells her the cat ran away. It’s devastating, but also incredible inspiring the way that he stepped up for others in this way. He put his own life at risk to help cats and dogs get through this difficult time; he’s a true hero.

There are still animals in need of help in Wuhan, China. Sign this petition to ask the Chinese government to form a task force to work on saving and reuniting the pets of coronavirus evacuees.

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