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Goat’s milk is often marketed as being healthy, sustainable, and an ethical alternative to cow’s milk. However, this is far from the truth. Recently, an undercover investigation by the Animal Justice Project found horrible conditions and abuse at a major goat milk brand in the United Kingdom, Delamere Dairy.

Source: Animal Justice Project/YouTube

The place in question is Pasture House Farms, a non-grazing farm where animals are forced to spend their entire short lives trapped in small dirty sheds. The goats do not leave their pens, and they can only look outdoors at the lush green fields, contrary to the popular marketing beliefs that these animals are grazing and living a happy life in large fields.

Among the horrible things that investigators caught at the farm is a “Spring massacre,” where tiny baby goats were slaughtered in front of their mothers. Even though the babies are essential to producing milk, which is what the farms are after, they show no compassion or mercy to the animals.  

Investigators also found that the goats suffer from a horrid breeding process in which their milk is harvested, meaning that the nanny goats are milked raw. The animals are left with sore udders and unnaturally large pregnancies, which leads to immobilized pregnant goats. In the investigation, they found that one goat was completely unable to stand up for over 28 hours because she was crushed by her own large body weight.

Sign this petition to demand that the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs investigate Pasture House Farms!

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