It seems like taking selfies with animals, with no regard for their well-being, is becoming something of a trend these days. Time and time again, we’ve read stories about a human tearing an innocent animal out of their natural environment so they can snap a photo. Just this past February, for example, a group of guests at an Argentinian resort paraded a dying dolphin around the beach, leaving him to die on the sand. Or take the beachgoer in Florida who pulled a shark out of the water to take a selfie. This is getting ridiculous, but sadly, the list keeps growing. 

On Sunday, a tourist in Macedonia grabbed a swan by the neck, pulled her out of Ohrid Lake, and posed for a very important selfie … after which the swan lay motionless on the beach. She soon passed away.


Macedonia Online reported, “According to witnesses, the swan itself didn’t react to the Bulgarian woman’s approach, as they are very peaceful and used to no one bothering them.”  This is absolutely sickening, and it must come to an end. A selfie is never worth an individual’s life. When will this madness end?!

Again?! Woman Kills Swan Pulling Her Out of Water for Selfie


Even though it might appear that our interactions with wildlife are harmless, they can have grave consequences. For example, something as innocent as feeding a duck bread can actually harm them physically. Because bread is not part of a duck’s typical diet, high amounts of carbohydrates can cause birds to develop a wing deformity, known as angel wings. It’s important to think twice before feeding an animal, or, as in this woman’s story, pulling it out of the water.

We can all do our part by being more conscious of how the choices we make every day impact the world around us. Let’s all learn to respect wildlife–it could save a precious life. 

All image source: Nate Batev/Metro UK