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Being a dog stuck in a shelter is rough on the soul. While yes, these pups are definitely safer within the confines of a shelter than out on the street, every day they live in loneliness. Their hope ebbs and wanes as visitors come and go and though they are not aware of it, many are at risk of being put down if they don’t find a family.

Benny, the dog, in the video above, was a resident of the Carson Animal Center, a high-kill shelter in California. Week after week, Benny waited for a kind person to come through the door and end his misery. His story, just like the hundreds of other homeless dogs in shelters, is disheartening to say the least. You can tell how discouraged Benny was just by his shy and timid nature in the beginning of the footage. Well, that is until he realized he was getting adopted!

Once he was walked out of his kennel, Benny simply couldn’t contain his excitement! He raced through the hallway, tugging his new human companion along, leaping in the air with joy.

Seeing a transformation like this happen in mere minutes, you realize the truly beautiful impact adoption can have on an animal. To learn more about why you should adopt and not shop for pets, click here.

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18 comments on “This Dog Was Terrified and Timid in Shelter – You Won’t Believe His Reaction Once He Realized He Was Getting Adopted! (VIDEO)”

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Sherrie Cain
10 Days ago

Over joyed for Benny !!! I love happy endings. I am a firm believer that no animal should spend its last days alone and afraid in a high kill shelter, breaks my heart. ALL animals up for adoption deserve a happy, loving family and for those people who choose to buy from breeders or puppy mills it should be outlawed. This is why I say this, humans are beyond selfish and cold hearted when it comes to loving unconditionally !!! Wanting a specific type of dog or cat, exactly what THEY want, there are so many waiting to be adopted and to me they are no different than children waiting to be adopted. They have absolutely no control over where they came from or if they will live or die and did NOTHING to deserve any of it, I understand over crowding in shelters is a huge issue but doesn\'t it make since that rather than pay BIG many for a specific breed of animal humans should pay that money to adopt an animal which would go to the shelters to either enlarge the facility or build more, paying for feeding and upkeep of this poor babies until they find a loving home. But humans would rather look the other way or ignore altogether the fact the thousands and thousands of these innocent animals are euthanized every year !! We don\'t euthanize children who are in the same situation they have no control over, who don\'t get adopted immediately.. Animals for adoption depend on humans for everything, just as a child does. Every living being deserves unconditional love and happiness but humans are the only species that chooses not to or don\'t know how to. How very, very sad for us. Adopted animals seem to know they were given a 2nd chance and go above and beyond to repay humans with their unconditional love and loyalty. My own opinion is that breeding /puppy mills should not be allowed as long as there are hundreds of thousands of animals waiting for love. And thousands and thousands who never get the chance to know that love before they are euthanized. Couldn\'t we find one among these thousands that we would love to have as part of the family and be much better for it, Instead of always HAVING to have exactly what we want ? How cold and selfish a species we are...

24 Days ago


Jen Heasley
24 Days ago

I am so very happy Benny found his forever loving family!! I had tears of joy for Benny and his family and tears of sadness for all the other animals needing homes. I used to work at one of the humane societies, and I loved it. It was very rewarding!!

25 Days ago

Tears of joy running down my face for Benny, plus tears of sadness for those left behind. When will people learn to spay and neuter their dogs so that these precious furbabies don\'t have to languish in shelters waiting day after day for someone to come and save them? And that\'s exactly what the adopters are doing - they are SAVING A LIFE! If I had the means, I would take all of them home with me, puppies, seniors (especially the seniors) and give them a comfortable home and lots of love!

Sue Z Que
1 Years Ago

I am happy for this boy, but my heart breaks for the others

Michael Wright
1 Years Ago

As much as I like to see shelter dogs find loving homes, it kills me to see the others waiting and waiting and no one ever comes. It saddens me that society has become so complacent with life.

Steve Mencinsky
1 Years Ago

Yes, we got a mini fox terrier from a shelter. After a few months of living on a farm she was unrecognizable in terms of behaviour and, for want of a better phrase, "animal self-esteem/self-image". She had a great life with us.

Les Dalrymple
15 Jun 2016

Ditto Steve/

Valentina O'Gara
1 Years Ago

Just like my GS dog Sheba after two months in a shelter.....☺

Cathy Halliday
1 Years Ago

Would love to watch if I could find the video!

Brigitte Bilodeau
1 Years Ago

Please take me out ...faster , faster, so nice ..it is not fast enough ..thank you I hope he is the sun in your life ....


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