The Arrow Fund has their work cut out for them with their latest rescue case involving a puppy who was found in a duffle bag. Sadly, this is only a fraction of the situation as this little one is missing both of her front paws. While it’s unclear whether the puppy was born without them or she was attacked, the fact that she was left to die, in the woods no less, is heartbreaking. The good news, however, is that she is now getting a second chance thanks to the compassionate people at The Arrow Fund.

According to Rebecca Eaves, founder of The Arrow Fund, the case is currently under investigation so many details are still unknown or can’t be released. There is one thing they know for sure – this poor girl will have a long road ahead adapting to life without front paws. We have no doubt that with the loving care she is receiving, she will survive and prosper. In fact, Rebecca reports that they are already discussing the option of prosthetics for her.


We are so glad that this little one is out of the woods (literally) and finally learning what it means to be a puppy. The Arrow Fund is doing everything to give this sweet girl the best care possible and would appreciate donations, which can be made through their website.

To learn more about The Arrow Fund, click here.

Image Source: The Arrow Fund/Facebook