Falling asleep will never be a problem for this pampered pup. Thanks be to Imgur user undercovergiraffe for sharing with us their puppy’s bedtime routine, because it’s probably the cutest thing we’ll see all day.




The puppy being is treated to the best massage session ever, from his dainty paws to his sweet little tum. It’s just too cute to handle! We all know how adorable sleepy puppies are, but it can be hard to get them to sit still! Maybe this massage is the key to soothing even the most energetic of dogs. It’s totally worth a shot and even if it doesn’t work, hey — that’s a great bonding moment between you and your canine companion.

We can say with the utmost certainty that we all sure could use a massage like this puppy is getting — yes, even the ear massage. Just look at how quickly this cute little baby falls asleep thanks to their human’s massage! So jealous.