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Following the news that almond crops are killing thousands of bees in California, the Bulletin of Insectology released a report that names pesticides as the driving cause of these mass bee deaths. It has long been known that pesticides play a role in causing colony collapse disorder, a phenomenon that causes otherwise healthy bees to desert their hives.

The report from the Bulletin explains that bee hives exposed to low-levels of neonicotinoids – chemicals found in many pesticides – never fully recover from winter losses, making it near impossible for hives to recover their numbers in the spring. One of the most groundbreaking aspects of this report is the revelation that diet, parasites, and pathogens are NOT to blame for what is now a massive drop in bee populations.

So forget what you thought you knew about bee “mites,” the scientific ruling is in and yet again the cause of this species endangerment is, definitely caused by humans and our undying love for chemicals. While pathogens and mites do cause damage to bee populations, the staggering evidence from scientists who conducted extensive studies on bees that had been exposed to neonicotinoids and ones that had not pins pesticides as the colony collapse culprit.

Colony collapse disorder does not kill bees out-right, but impairs their ability to learn, which causes them to forget how to get back to the hive after pollination, forage for food, engage their immune system, and produce new queens. So the neurological effect of pesticides on bees drives a slow death for bees. People often forget that bees are the reason we have food everyday, responsible for pollinating the majority of the crops in the U.S. So if you never thought about how CCD effects you, just remember that every time you bite into an apple, it’s because a bee made it possible.

So please, be kind to the bees and help stop the ridiculous use of pesticides in the U.S.!

Image Source: Ramon F Velasquez/Wikipedia Commons

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48 comments on “Pesticides Definitively Named as the Cause of Vanishing Bee Populations”

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George Haines
4 Years Ago


Alana Mayhem
4 Years Ago

It doesn't take a scientist to figure out that the chemicals they put on plants to kill the insects IS killing the insects. This is why I buy organic and only organic and it's really not that much of a difference in price when I really break it down and in the long run I'm saving way more money by not having a ton of health problems.

James Chambers
4 Years Ago

Don't you guys realize how much money is made producing these chemicals? Money trumps all!!!! Corporate profits are much more important than silly bees!

Kate Nabney
4 Years Ago

Pesticide/insecticide it's in the name, it kills bug good bad it doesn't discriminate! Why r people so slow 2 admit mistakes making it so much more difficult to rectify the damage. How many years have little people been screaming the answer to the big money men to stop using these pollutants (decades) & still the persist. Guess money can't buy intelligence ha!

15 May 2014

But unfortunately money does buy the US government officials, Adulterated science, bad press peddling said science and an army of lawyers to keep the status quo.

Aaron David Jacobs
4 Years Ago

And... Of course it's us

Stela Maricic
4 Years Ago

Screw the pesticides and profit you greedy People and STOP killing bees and other living creatures!

Amanda Citarella
4 Years Ago

If you think honey isn't vegan, you should also think non-organic almonds, apples, oranges, etc aren't vegan. Almonds and apples (and others) are pollinated by bees and the non-organic variety are killing more bees (via CCD) than harvesting honey does. Organic may be more expensive, but it's the only option in my eyes - for my body, animals, and the environment.

Roseli M. Franco
4 Years Ago

Manoel Leonardo

Olga Volik
4 Years Ago


Marie Reno LeBlanc
4 Years Ago

Pay attention people!


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