Craig Watts, a North Carolina contract farmer for Perdue, has been raising chickens for “Big Ag” since the early 1990s. He was even recognized as a top producer. But now, he’s pulling back the curtain on the entire industry by allowing reporters into his sheds to document the cruelty of industrial chicken production.

Blowing the ultimate whistle on Perdue and the rest of the industry Watts has helped to release a six-part investigative documentary with Fusion TV. These videos reveal the abuse and neglect suffered by chickens on “cage-free” contract farms, illustrating the misleading marketing claims presented to consumers, and mistreatment of Big Ag contract producers.


Since Watts has spoken out, he claims he has suffered retaliation from Perdue. With the help of legal representation from the Government Accountability Project, he has since filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor.

Watch the amazing series, “Cock Fight: One Man’s Battle Against the Chicken Industry” below, then do your part by making a great chicken-alternative meal, or by checking out one of these farm animal rescues who help animals escape cruel fates such as the ones documented by Watts.

Cock Fight Act 1


Cock Fight Act 2


Cock Fight Act 3


Cock Fight Act 4


Cock Fight Act 5


Cock Fight Act 6


Image source: FusionTV