Stumbling upon injured or hurt wildlife can lead to a sticky situation. Sometimes you don’t know whether you should help the animal yourself, call a wildlife expert to come in, or if the situation is even safe for you to intercept. There are many videos circulated on the internet that show citizens kindly aiding our animal counterparts, whether it’s helping them cross a busy highway or reuniting a baby creature with his or her family. While normally we always advise any untrained individual who comes across an animal in trouble to call a wildlife rescuer, what this guy did to help a black crow stuck in a wooden fence is awesome!

The unidentified passerby was walking down the street and spotted the crow stuck between two wooden planks.

Crow 1

With a little careful maneuvering, he was able to successfully get the bird out of this unfortunate position.

Crow 2

Once free, the crow took a much-needed nap, with the rescuer leaving out some food, should his new feathery friend wake up hungry.

Crow 3

After his rest, the crow seemed much more sprightly.

Crow 4

And before the sun even set, the little fella was back in the sky, where he belongs!

Crow 5

But it looks like the rescuer’s crow interactions are just beginning…

Crow 6


If it weren’t for this empathetic passerby, this crow could have been stuck in that fence for hours. We’re glad everything worked out for this adventurous bird!

NOTE: As an important note, do not try to help wildlife of any sort unless you are trained. Find a local wildlife rehabber/rescuer or veterinarian ASAP, or call a rescue hotline. Here are some that might help!


All image source: Imgur