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Growing up with a dog is an amazing experience for little kids. Who else will always have your back, love to take naps as much as you do, and always clean up the (food related) messes you make before mom notices? Having grown up with older siblings, we know that it most likely won’t be them!

Ellie, the girl in this video is lucky because she gets to grow up alongside her deaf Pit Bull, Pajama Sam. At one-year-old, Ellie is already learning sign language so that she can communicate with Pajama Sam, and it looks like she’s mastered the sign for “give me a kiss!” (Or, more likely, Sam just likes to smother her with smooches on his own prerogative.)

Many people think that Pit Bulls are innately aggressive or vicious dogs because of the stereotype assigned to them as a result of dog fighting. However, as Pajama Sam proves, all dogs have the potential to be loving, sweet pets if they are given the love and care that they deserve.

Enjoy your life together, Pajama Sam and Ellie!


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2 Years Ago

Obviously you don\'t know anything about pitbulls...90 pounder? I don\'t know what 90 pound pitbull you\'ve been around, but the average weight for a male adult pitbull is 65 pounds so get your facts and breeds straight...

2 Years Ago

All dogs can be dangerous. So can people. It all depends on training and socialization. My dog, a pit, has this relationship with my grand-kids. She treats them like strange furless puppies and guards them.

2 Years Ago

Pits ARE dangerous - just wait until a 90 pounder is certain he\'s a lap dog and theres plenty of room in mamas chair for both of you and his buddy decides if one can fit they both can fit! Other than that - not so much :)

24 Jun 2015

ilr1950, it\'s ok, you can admit that you watch too much Faux News and it\'s made you scared of \'Mooslims\', Pit Bulls, foreigners, and vaccines no doubt, too. Anyone who spends time with dogs knows that training and responsible ownership is what governs a dogs behavior, not some retarded catch all label doled out by the fear mongering tabloid news. Wise up, you will be less likely to embarrass yourself on this subject again.

2 Years Ago

Dogs know/sense when people, especially children, have a \'special need\' and they become even more attached and protective. These two will be together for a long time. Best of luck to them both.


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