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A serial killer has been on the loose in the United Kingdom killing innocent animals, namely, cats, for over three years. The death count is already at 450 and it continues to rise. It sounds like something straight out of a horror movie, but sadly, the Croydon Cat Killer is real. The Care2 Petition Team is urging law enforcement to do everything within their power to find and prosecute this person.

Victims of this cat killer are reportedly lured in, bludgeoned, taken to an unknown location and dismembered. Allegedly, sometimes the dismembered bodies are brought back to their homes for the cat guardians to find. While pet cats have been the most threatened, the cat killer has also murdered wild animals.


The question that comes to mind is what’s next for this brutal killer? The Scotland Yard needs to take action before anyone has to find out. Signing the petition will encourage them to take this matter seriously before this heartless individual harms any more animals or potentially, people.

People who intentionally abuse animals are statistically likely to also harm people. Numerous studies have shown that an astonishing number of people who have committed violent crimes had a clear history of animal cruelty. Law enforcement can’t procrastinate anymore in this case; they need to remove this menace from the streets immediately before it’s too late.

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Image Source: Pexels