Ever wondered what happy cow really looks like? Um … this is it, folks! Check out this cow who is literally getting his dance on after being sprung from the meat industry. Who wouldn’t get down and bust a move?!

After being tethered in a narrow stable for most of his life, Bandit performs his freedom-dance showing his gratitude to his rescuers from Gut Aiderbichl Sanctuary (home to 500 rescued cows, bulls, and calves).


Measuring emotions in animals is very important because it helps us better understand them, their needs, and wants. As Bandit shows, a major need (and want) is run free and have the chance to get down and funky once in a while.

He was one of millions destined for life in a factory farm – but this video proves that with moo-ves like that, you never become accustomed to a life of being chained. So if you ever wondered what happy cow looks like (OK — a REALLY happy cow), Bandit is your guy. Go, Bandit! Go, Bandit!