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Ever wondered what happy cow really looks like? Um … this is it, folks! Check out this cow who is literally getting his dance on after being sprung from the meat industry. Who wouldn’t get down and bust a move?!

After being tethered in a narrow stable for most of his life, Bandit performs his freedom-dance showing his gratitude to his rescuers from Gut Aiderbichl Sanctuary (home to 500 rescued cows, bulls, and calves).

Measuring emotions in animals is very important because it helps us better understand them, their needs, and wants. As Bandit shows, a major need (and want) is run free and have the chance to get down and funky once in a while.

He was one of millions destined for life in a factory farm – but this video proves that with moo-ves like that, you never become accustomed to a life of being chained. So if you ever wondered what happy cow looks like (OK — a REALLY happy cow), Bandit is your guy. Go, Bandit! Go, Bandit!

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326 comments on “Cow Literally Dances With Joy After Being Rescued From Meat Industry (VIDEO)”

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5 Months Ago

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Victoria Young
5 Months Ago

Awesome ....for this one animal. But can\'t help being sad for the rest of them.

Muriel Servaege
6 Months Ago

How happy that cow looks! I\'ll never believe cows don\'t know or don\'t understand the sufferings and the death that await them.

6 Months Ago

Onion ninjas are attacking my eyes. Beautiful story

sandra iseman
6 Months Ago

but can they rescue the rest of the cows :(

6 Months Ago

Um, that\'s a bull, not a cow. At least I\'ve never seen a cow with such a mighty set of cojones. But what do I know, I\'m a city boy.

Diane Armstrong
6 Months Ago

I\'m so happy for that cow that was rescued but what about his other friends who wanted to be free and go to a good, decent and caring Sanctuary like their cow friend went to. The video made me happy and sad of the other cows that didn\'t go along with their cow friend. I\'m sure it would have really made their day for freedom from the meat industry. GOD BLESS ALL ANIMALS!!!!

Debbie Dahl
15 Feb 2017

My thoughts exactly!!! Diane Armstrong, I also was wondering about all the other cows. I am hoping that they made this video of just the one cow to show us how excited they get, then they will release the others. God, I hope so.

7 Months Ago


7 Months Ago

Do you all know what a male brovine looks like... ha ha this is no cow. No wonder the bull was dancing.

03 Jan 2017

seriously cowboy does it matter whether it\'s a bull or a cow. i think we all know what a bull looks like

Kate Haines
11 Feb 2017

Yes it does matter! Getting that wrong just makes the whole movement look stupid and devalues the message and the messenger.

03 May 2017

I think we\'re getting a little sidetracked here but just so we can put it to rest, the word cow can be used to describe a domesticated bovine animal, regardless of sex or age. I have seriously disturbing memories from over 50 years ago of things done to bulls on the farm in the name of meat production so its great to see such a wonderful outcome for this lucky fellow.

a fully grown female animal of a domesticated breed of ox, used as a source of milk or beef.
"a dairy cow"
(loosely) a domestic bovine animal, regardless of sex or age.
(in farming) a female domestic bovine animal that has borne more than one calf.

Olga Mashkova
7 Months Ago

So beautiful!!


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