Sometimes it really feels like humans just don’t get it. Time and time again, when encountering a beached marine animal, we seem to forget that these living, breathing beings would almost certainly rather go back to his or her home than stay on the shore. And yet, senseless act of blatant stupidity and downright violence persist.

Take the recent case of a baby whale who washed ashore a beach in Russia. Still breathing, this whale was left helpless on the sand. Often times, marine animals are beached when they accidentally stray into shallow waters due to extreme weather conditions or in search of food. The logical reaction to a desperate animal in need is usually to come to its rescue … not to, well, eat it.


WTF?! Baby Whale Washes Ashore and Locals Decided to Eat Him Instead of Rescuing Him!

That’s what’s so worrying about the men from the Russian town of Bolshoy Kamen, who decided to slaughter the whale for its meat rather than call wildlife rescuers or make efforts to rescue the poor animal themselves.

WTF?! Baby Whale Washes Ashore and Locals Decided to Eat Him Instead of Rescuing Him!


Many have condemned the men, caught on camera, for their ruthless act of violence. These men could have become heroes by calling for professional help to assist this poor whale rather than killing it for its meat. If you ever come across a wild animal in need, call a certified, experienced wildlife rehabilitator, rescuer, or vet. These professionals will determine the appropriate course of action and be able to successfully release the animal back into the wild when recovered. And if you’ve lost all faith in humanity, remember: there are good people out there working tirelessly to give animals a better life!

All Image Source: Mirror UK