Typically, we wouldn’t think that we could connect with elephants on the level that we do with the animals many of us spend our days with. But baby elephants are as playful as any kitten or puppy. If you’ve been keeping track of our baby elephant videos, by now, you must be pretty aware of the silliness that these little pachyderms are capable of. Like any young one, human or animal, they’re super-playful. Baby elephants seem to be particularly thwarted by tires — but they never let that stop them from trying to master the tricky toy.

It looks like Yindee, a resident of Elephant Nature Park, has found something that he thinks is way better than any ol’ tire: a stick that he tore from a tree with his little trunk.


Look at how proud he is of his very own toy! 

Baby Elephant Has the Time of His Life With the Best Toy Ever


We wonder what kind of antics little Yindee is going to get into with his trusty new tree branch, but it looks like he’s ready for adventure! It’s funny how something as simple as a photo of a baby elephant with a stick can help us connect with these majestic animals. If you can’t get enough elephant pictures, then check out Elephant Nature Park’s official Facebook page.

Image source: Elephant Nature Park/Facebook