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How to Make Natural Tooth Powder at Home


How to Make Your Own Natural Tooth Powder

When I first made the switch to all natural products, I took the easiest route possible by buying trusted brands in my local health foods store. The initial cost increase compared to my normal products was a bit hard to swallow, so I began researching ways to create my own beauty products at home. At the time, I used a range of products from face toner to an expensive shampoo to battle my dry scalp. As I began to learn about the benefits of the natural products I was researching, I also came to realize that many of them were multifunctional. To this day, I am convinced if you have some baking soda and apple cider vinegar you can not only clean, treat, and heal anything on your body, but you can also clean anything in your house! One of the uses I found for baking soda was to use it as an alternative for toothpaste when I was in a pinch (and I liked the slick, clean feeling it left on my teeth). And while it remains a great one-ingredient toothpaste/powder, I missed the minty fresh taste in my mouth, and I had read that baking soda alone could be a bit abrasive on your teeth.

It was then I discovered bentonite clay.  This wonder-clay is another natural product that is good for a wealth of beauty uses, but specifically in tooth powder, it works to draw out toxins in your mouth, and may possibly help remineralize your teeth and heal decay.

After perusing a number of recipes for homemade tooth powder, I combined a few and came up with the basic recipe I now use daily containing baking soda, bentonite clay, sea salt, and peppermint essential oil.

Baking Soda: Baking soda’s claim to fame on the tooth front lies in its ability to act as a mild abrasive that polishes away stains and plaque build up, making it an affordable and natural tooth whitening option.

Bentonite Clay: This fine powder gently polishes teeth and gives them a boost of calcium that may help to remineralize your pretty smile, all while absorbing toxins, impurities, and heavy metals.

Sea Salt: In addition to its tooth scrubbing qualities, natural sea salt helps to heal mouth sores and irritated gums.

Peppermint Essential Oil: Mainly included to leave you with fresh breath, peppermint oil also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties to make sure your mouth is squeaky clean. *Feel free to substitute with cinnamon, spearmint, or any other “flavor” you prefer.


To  make the tooth powder:


  • 2 tbsp. Baking Soda
  • 2 tbsp. Bentonite Clay
  • 1/2 tbsp. Sea Salt
  • 10-20 drops Peppermint Oil (or to taste)


  1. Mix all ingredients together in a non-metal bowl, or place in a small glass jar and shake until combined.

To Use

Simply dip your DRY toothbrush into the powder and start brushing. I usually brush/shake the powder onto my teeth, then run my toothbrush in a little bit of water, then brush as normal.

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16 comments on “How to Make Natural Tooth Powder at Home”

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3 Years Ago


02 Oct 2014

Look for certain types of kitty litter! non clumping/unscented ect. its made of bentonite clay certain brands are safe for consumption (because cats lick themselves, thus the clay so yeah)

Ash Havens
4 Years Ago

Logan Roe

Jessica Guitard
4 Years Ago

Meghan Engar Hanley

Shante Moe Chaney
4 Years Ago

Chnia Kayla Dakota Steele

Cocker Spaniel
4 Years Ago

EcoDent is good main ingredient baking soda and you do have to be careful and go lightly. But no fluoride.

Cindy Devonport
4 Years Ago

I use coconut oil

Katie Palani
4 Years Ago

really take it easy on the baking soda, though, it can easily strip away your tooth enamel. use a super soft brush and don't go for the gums much with this mix. tried it for a year and now seriously in dental hell.

28 Jan 2018

Did you use the recommended amount? I\'m looking to take this up but am apprehensive after reading your post..
I brush twice a day, sometimes three.

Terri L. Sullivan
4 Years Ago

Could you please share a flea treatment alternative for our dogs and cats? There has to be a smarter environmental treatment that isn't poison! Thank you.

11 Jun 2015

If you have fleas, use DE (diatomaceous earth--food grade). It kills anything with an exoskeleton. And safe for dogs or cats to ingest when they clean themselves. Can sprinkle it in their bedding/favorite spots, carpet. It really works and without any poison.

Donna Marie
06 Jul 2015

I use a spray of water and peppermint essential oil and it works very well. I spray them and everything in the house. I love the scent and it\'s good for well being also. The other one is vinegar. Be sure whatever you use use it to wash the floors too. Fleas can live a long time waiting to jump on a pet.

Eleanore Pekala
15 Feb 2017

I heard the herb Pennyroyal helps against fleas. Guess they hate Pennyroyal. Try sprinkling that on the top of their neck (where they can\'t lick it off). In some states it\'s only a problem in the summer, but in Calif. it\'s a year long problem! Good luck.

17 Feb 2018

lufernuron is the only nontoxic flea medicine that works and never kills dogs/cats. it doesn\'t kill fleas it just makes them infertile. if you already have an infestation you\'ll need to kill the adults with hot soapywater. wash whole house at once, all the bedding, leave soapywater on the carpets/floor, nattresses bothsides, rugs, anywhere they could hide. don\'t rinse away the soap until you\'ve covered every inch and bathed the dogs. use a fleacomb to remove adults from cats then drown in a jug of soapywater (safe nontoxic soap or cat shampoo). essential oils are extremely dangerous to cats, they can kill them.
the diatomaceous earth and vinegar and salt never worked for me. I had a cat who was killed by a chemical flea preventative. after that I wouldn\'t use them. natural methods weren\'t working. then I had a cat die of fleas because they sucked so much blood from him he died of anaemia. araghhhh!!! I had no idea fleas could kill them. so then I researched fleatreatments thoroughly and found luferneuron is completey harmless. its sold for humans for candida and its much cheaper that way. I bought a jar of capsules, add it to their food every 6wks and never had fleas since (once I got rid of the adults from the house). when its sold as pet-flea-treatment they recommend every 4 weeks but the research studies gave 13.5g per lb bodyweight every 6wks for cats. dogs is different dosage. mix with fat, its fat soluble.

Joel C. Bolden
4 Years Ago

I tried it. It's pretty abrasive, more so than I care to use.

Pamela Bracken Devlin
4 Years Ago

Where do you get bentonite clay?

Virginia Hill
10 Dec 2013

You can get it at health food stores. I got some through Amazon.

Noor Pekala
16 Feb 2017

One source for bentonite clay is plain unscented, unclumping kitty litter.. It must be made safe as they lick their bottoms etc. This is great for places with no health food shops anywhere near. (It was a response to someone in Australia who asked an author of DIY toothpaste, and that was her answer!)

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