Finding gluten free bread is hard.  Finding vegan gluten free bread is even harder.  The good news is that as restrictive diets are becoming more common, products accommodating these diets are also becoming readily available.  If you don’t eat gluten and find yourself missing bread, give one of these five brands a try.

1.  Food for Life

food for life

Food for Life makes a wide range of gluten free products, including gluten free breads.  They make all of their breads with organic ingredients and nothing artificial.  Their gluten free breads are not only great tasting, but are also slow cooked to preserve all of their natural vitamins and mineral.  Their gluten free options include red rice bread, brown rice bread, black rice bread, raisin pecan bread, rice almond bread, rice millet bread, rice pecan bread, white rice bread, yeast free brown rice bread, and yeast free multi seed rice bread.