When it comes to getting a hefty amount of protein in one meal, especially in a plant-based one, sometimes you have to plot out your ingredients carefully to achieve 1o grams of protein or more. Sometimes this means mixing different pulses, adding soy or wheat protein meat, or piling on the vegetables. While it is certainly possible to create a meal from scratch that accomplishes this protein goal, it can be nice to come home and be able to quickly prepare a well-rounded meal that has all the protein you want already incorporated in.

Thankfully, nowadays, there are so many brands that go out of their way to make sure their meals pack a pretty substantial protein punch to keep you fueled throughout the day. Now, you can either scour the supermarket aisles and find protein-rich meals for yourself, or you can let One Green Planet help you out! Here are 12 prepackaged vegan meals that are brimming with protein!