Tired of the usual spinach and kale in your morning smoothie? Try something new instead! Our taste buds need a change-up every now and again with something different, even when it comes to what you include in your green smoothies. If you don’t honor that need, you may end up resorting to unhealthy foods to satisfy your cravings. It’s also important for your body that you rotate your greens. Too much of one type may cause nutritional deficiencies or an intolerance to a certain green overtime. Many that are extremely healthy, like spinach and kale, have been found to lower thyroid function if used too often in their raw form and they contain oxalates that can prevent optimal calcium absorption in the body. This doesn’t mean you should never use spinach or kale again, but it does mean you should rotate your greens on a weekly basis if you can, in order to make sure you get a well-rounded variety.

Try some of these new greens below for your smoothies this week. They aren’t only amazing for you but they taste great too!

1. Mizuna

Have you heard of this new trendy green? No? Well, chances are you’ve eaten it and just don’t know it. Mizuna is a common green included in most salad green mixes, but don’t assume it’s lacking nutrition as a measley salad green. Mizuna is a member of the Brassica family, just like broccoli, and it’s high in Vitamin C with 65 percent of your daily requirements in just one cup along with 34 percent of your daily Vitamin A requirements. It has a slightly bitter taste like most greens, but is much milder than kale, so it’s great to use in green smoothies. You can find it in many salad mixes or some supermarkets may sell the loose form as well.

Recipe: Mizuna, F5 New Greens to Put in Your Green Smoothie ennel, and Mulberry Salad

2. Arugula

While not technically a new green trend-wise, arugula is still rarely used in green smoothies and I’m not sure why, because it’s delicious! Arugula has the most unique taste of any green I’ve ever had. It’s slightly sweet and bitter at the same time, but when blended and chilled, it becomes much sweeter in taste. One cup of arugula only has six calories, and it’s more detoxifying to the liver and digestive tract than other greens, even though it’s overall lower in nutrition than other greens. Arugula is also very low in oxalates, so it’s a great green to optimize calcium absorption in the body. I suggest using arugula with spinach to get the best flavor and the best nutrition in your green smoothie. You should be able to find them packaged in mixes together in the produce department or feel free to combine them yourself.

5 New Greens to Put in Your Green Smoothie

3. Baby Swiss Chard

Baby Swiss Chard is a delicious little green to include in your smoothies! It has a milder, sweeter taste than regular Swiss chard leaves do, but still hosts plenty of nutrition. The taste is actually similar to spinach, so it’s a great green to swap out if you’re tired of using spinach or want some nutritional diversity in your smoothies.  Swiss Chard is a fantastic source of iron, calcium, manganese, zinc, Vitamin C, B vitamins, and magnesium. You can find baby Swiss chard in some salad mixes at the store like supergreen blends or other specialty blends.

5 New Greens to Put in Your Green Smoothie
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4. Beet Greens

How many of you buy beets and throw the greens away? I used to do the same thing until I learned that the greens are actually more nutritious than the actual beets — who knew?! Beet greens are also wonderfully sweet just like beets are but are virtually sugar-free so they’re blood sugar- friendly. Beet greens are one of the most detoxifying greens you can consume and are a wonderful source of folate, magnesium, and iron.

5 New Greens to Put in Your Green Smoothie
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5. Herbs

Herbs are my favorite type of green to use in my green smoothies here lately. Herbs are full of flavor and pack more antioxidants than most greens do. I choose a mix between parsley, cilantro and basil, which taste the best in smoothies. You can also buy herb mixes in the salad greens department, which also make a great choice. Try mixing these with spinach or kale and see what you think. Herbs pack a large amount of chlorophyll and are extremely detoxifying to the blood and organs. They’re also less expensive in loose leaf form than most leafy greens.

5 New Greens to Put in Your Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are one of the best and most convenient ways to pack as much nutrition as possible into one meal. Just do yourself a favor and switch up your green occasionally to get maximum benefits and flavor.

Need a recipe to get started? Why not start with The Best Green Smoothie Ever to experiment with some of these greens above?

Lead image source: The Ultimate Green Smoothie Cheat Sheet