In an ideal world, everyone would always have fresh vegetables in their refrigerator, bags upon bags of dried beans and legumes in their cupboard, and plenty of time to consume all of this food before it spoils. Sadly, we do not live in a perfect world, and as much as we might like to maintain a fresh-food lifestyle, sometimes it’s nice to take the convenient route. Canned foods are excellent in terms of allowing you to purchase all of the vegetables and legumes you want, without having to race against the clock to eat them. You can leave these cans on the shelf for up to a year (sometimes multiple years) and eat them later.

As with any type of food, there are healthy choices and less-than-ideal choices when it comes to canned foods. Many brands choose to add various seasonings, spices, and salt to their canned products so that consumers can take their food from can to plate instantly. While this is convenient in some instances, you should try to opt for simpler products that have less than ten, or even five, ingredients, are unsweetened, and contain a low amount of sodium. Foods that have 140 milligrams of sodium or less are considered low-sodium foods, although there are some products out there that are labeled as low-sodium because they contain less salt than the original. Finding both the organic and low-sodium versions of your favorite canned foods may prove a bit difficult in supermarkets, but you can find plenty online! Here are 15 we think you should check out.