If you are curious about how to make vegan meringue, this article is the perfect place to start. You will learn about how to make vegan meringue and all of the tips you need to know for success!

This meringue is so good that no one would ever suspect that it was vegan! It is a perfect vegan treat!

What is Aquafaba?

Before we start to figure out how to make amazing vegan meringue, you need to know what the main ingredient is: aquafaba or chickpea liquid! It is a unique vegan ingredient that can be whipped up like egg whites.

This amazing liquid is the perfect egg substitute.  It whips up exactly like egg whites and can be used in a variety of recipes that call for eggs or egg whites. It is also basically free because it comes with your canned chickpeas!

If you have never worked with aquafaba before, then you need to run to the grocery store to grab yourself a can of chickpeas! This is one of the most amazing vegan ingredients and substitutes.

How to Use Aquafaba in Vegan Meringue

Aquafaba has a number of uses, but in this article, we are going to be talking about how it can be used to make meringue. How you make a meringue with aquafaba is nearly identical to how you would with eggs. All you really need is a handful of ingredients and a mixer. You can use a stand mixer, but the process will be faster with a handheld mixer.

Here are the basic steps you need to take when making vegan meringue:

Combine the Dry Ingredients

Start by combining your dry ingredients. This will usually include white sugar and cream of tartar. Meringue is a very simple recipe, so these will usually be the only dry ingredients that you will need.

Whip the Aquafaba

Next, start to whip your aquafaba with a stand mixer or handheld mixer. Mix until you start to see soft peaks. This should take about 3 to 5 minutes depending on the speed of your mixer.

Combine Ingredients

Once you see soft peaks, slowly add in your dry ingredients in sections. Add about ¼ a cup every few minutes.

Mix the ingredients together until you see a stiff peak forming. This will look like a stiff peak of meringue that holds its shape and is glossy.

Add in your flavoring extract and mix that in thoroughly.

Best Tips for Making Vegan Meringue

Now that you know how to use aquafaba to make a deliciously light and fluffy meringue. Here are a few tips to remember when you are working with aquafaba. These tips can help you to make a successful meringue every time!

Keep the Aquafaba Cold

One key tip that you should remember is to keep the aquafaba cold. This helps it to whip up amazingly fast and become rich and silky in a matter of minutes. You can keep it cold by putting the can in the fridge a few hours before you plan on using it.

Use Cream of Tartar

Cream of tartar is a traditional ingredient that is also used in egg-based meringues. This is because cream of tartar helps to stabilize the meringue.

When you use cream of tartar, your meringue will stay firm and beautiful for quite a long time. When you don’t use cream of tartar, the meringue can slowly begin to melt away before you get a chance to use it.

Cream of tartar also helps the aquafaba to whip up faster into a stiff foam.

Don’t Skip the Sugar

Many people may want to substitute sugar in such sweet recipes like meringue. But if you do that, you risk the chance of ruining the whole recipe.

Meringue depends on the sugar to whip up more and create a thick and luscious texture. Without enough sugar, you won’t get this reaction.

Make Sure to Use the Starches

You might be tempted to use only the clear liquid from the can of chickpeas, but you want those starches as well.

Part of why aquafaba works is because of the starches from the chickpeas. So, you don’t want to leave those behind and end up with a weak aquafaba.

Make sure to shake the can of beans before removing the liquid. This will disperse the starches into the aquafaba.

How to Use Vegan Meringue

This delicious meringue, can be used in a number of ways. From pies, to cookies, to frostings and toppings. You have many options to transform this basic meringue. Check out these delicious vegan meringue recipes!

1.  Lemon Meringue Cookies

Lemon Meringue Cookies

Lemon Meringue Cookies

You can make delicious meringue cookies like these Lemon Meringue Cookies by Maya Sozer! You can make any kind of flavor that you prefer.

2. Brownies with Toasted Meringue

Brownies with Toasted Meringue

Brownies with Toasted Meringue

These Brownies with Toasted Meringue by Holly Jade are rich, gooey chocolate brownies, with a vegan meringue, topped with melted dark chocolate and chopped nuts- are you drooling yet?

3. Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

You can also make a traditional Lemon Meringue Pie by Rebecca Coleman for a deliciously tart dessert.

There are all kinds of ways that you can use this meringue. Especially since it tastes slightly reminiscent of marshmallow fluff! Check out a few other meringue recipes:

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