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Sweet and tart like candied lemon when medium ripe, and bright yellow and full of sugary juice when ripe to the extreme, the Incan Goldenberry, or Physalis peruviana, or Cape Gooseberry, has been growing in the Andes for thousands of years.  It is now cultivated and grows quite easily all over the world, with crops flourishing in Hawaii, New Zealand , Australia,  California, South Africa, East Africa, India, and Great Britain.  For us, these berry balls of yum are readily available for purchase at health stores all over the country.

As far as health is concerned, Goldenberries come armed with an arsenal if greatness.  They contain a high amount of carotene and bioflavonoids, making them antiviral, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory.  The berry is also loaded with vitamins A, B complex, and C, and also provide a healthy dose of dietary fiber, pectin, and is made up of sixteen percent protein, a considerable amount for a plant based food!   The berries are also great source of vital minerals such as and phosphorous and calcium.

So what exactly are you looking for?  Well, the Goldenberry itself is quite small in size (about the size of a large marble) and grows inside a protective paper-like hood that looks similar to a Chinese lantern.  Although it is often eaten raw out of hand, here in the US we are more likely to find it dried and sold in a “dehydrated” format.  Think texture and sweetness of a raisin with the tart tongue treat of a lemon.  This unique taste sensation lends itself well as a toothsome  addition to cereals, yogurt mixes, fruit salads, chocolate desserts, or even on its own with a nice glass of wine.  Not sure where to start?  Try one of these delish options to get you  going on the “gooseberry” train!

1. Navitas Naturals Goldenberries

Since 2003, Navitas Naturals has been providing consumers with organic superfoods.  The company  is committed to socially responsible business practices, with  direct purchasing partnerships and strong belief in fair trade economics.  Their goldenberries are handpicked at small family farms in the Andes Mountains of Colombia, and are certified organic, kosher, vegan and raw.

2. Incan Golden Berries by Sunfood


Sunfood has been creating certified organic raw food and non-GMO superfood since 1995.  Their raw Incan Berries have been gently dried at low temperatures, producing deeply sweet and chewy parcels of nutrition.

3. Organic Golden Berries – 8 oz – Bag by Now Foods

NOW Real Foods  has been providing delicious, healthy, natural and organic foods since 1968. An independent, family owned company, their Incaberries are great straight out of the bag, but they also recommend consumers try them in tasty jams and jellies.

4. Extreme Health Usa Organic Raw, Sundried Golden Berries

Certified organic, and raw vegan, Extreme Health products are carefully sourced through partnerships with local indigenous farmers through fair trade practices around the world. While health is number one to them, the company is also committed to protecting the environment; products are harvested or farmed in environmentally friendly ways without pesticides, and wild crafted ingredients are picked in native forests.

5. Kopali Organics Goldenberry


100% organic and fair trade certifies these little gems contain no added sugar, sulphates or oil.  The folks at Kopali are as committed to their social and ecological bottom lines as they are to their financial bottom line, working directly with small sustainable farmers to sources their goods.

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