When cooking, using the entire vegetable rather than wasting part of it is always the best idea. So, the next time you chop up some asparagus or broccoli, reference this list. Cook your vegetables from root to stalk, leaving nothing underused or not utilized. Trashing parts of your vegetables is an exercise in futility! Look at all the amazing things you can do with your vegetables. Expand your horizons and really eat whole!


  1. Apple Peels and Cores

    Using the whole apple when making drinks helps better infuse the ingredients. Try using whole apples with apple cider and bourbon; together they work great!

  2. Asparagus Stems

    Clean them and cut them up nicely to freeze or use fresh for creating a superb soup stock.

  3. Broccoli Stalks

    Clean, remove the tough outermost layer of the stalk, and then cut the rest into pieces small enough to juice. Pair the broccoli juice with a sweeter vegetable and a good fruit for some decent juice.

  4. Carrot Tops

    Cut up the leaves as you would fresh parsley and use it as a substitute for the herb, but be careful because they can be bitter.

  5. Cauliflower Stems and Leaves

    Leave the cauliflower in its mostly whole state by cutting it once just down the middle. Take these pieces and caramelize them as “steaks.”

  6. Celery Leaves and Inner Stalks

    To amp up the flavor in soup, add celery stalks to the base. Add the leaves to salad for a little bite too.

  7. Fennel Stalks

    Do you like licorice? Make candy out of fennel stalks! You could also juice your stalks or add them to salads.

  8. Lemon and Orange Skins/Peels

    Zest these babies! Add it to baked goods, fruit salads, rice, or whatever needs a little oomph.

  9. Potato Peels

    These peels, like everything pretty much, taste delicious fried, so get that oil boiling!

  10. Radish Leaves

    Add them to soups, salads, pesto, or to your morning juice.

    Lead image source: Fir0002/Wikimedia