There are lots of ways people get inspired to cook. Some like to look through beautifully curated food accounts on Instagram, others like to peruse the farmer’s market for unique veggies and fruits, and some people like stocking their kitchen with lots of gadgets. If the latter sounds like you, you know that having a kitchen with plenty of handy tools makes it a lot easier to play chef. After all, there’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a recipe only to realize you can’t continue because you don’t have the required cookware.

Once you have a decently-stocked kitchen, cooking becomes a lot more fun. However, scouring the Internet looking for products that are useful, affordable, and well-reviewed is not always as pleasant of a time. Well, that is unless you have One Green Planet to guide you! Here are 15 kitchen products that will inspire you to x out that Seamless tab and get cookin’!


1. Hamilton Beach Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Food Processor

There are so many magical things you can make with a food processor. Whether it’s fresh hummus, beautifully textured vegetables, homemade pesto or salad dressings, the Hamilton Beach Food Processor will come in handy in more ways than you probably realize! It has a 10-cup capacity, a built in mechanism that scrapes down the edges of the bowl, and has two different pulse settings whether you want to chop or slice. It’s $50 but with some reviewers commenting that their processor has lasted almost ten years, we’d say it’s quite the investment!

2. EZ Tofu Press

EZ Tofu Press

While many tofu presses on the market use springs to extract water, the EZ Tofu Press instead uses stainless steel tension knobs. This allows for you to adjust the tension in accordance with how much moisture you want to extract and additionally, gets the process done in 5-15 minutes as opposed to hours. “I cringe when I think of all the paper towels I’ve wasted over the years,” shares one Amazon reviewer. Well, if you feel the same, know that not another paper towel will get wasted with this purchase. And it’s just $19.99!

3. Chef’s Inspirations Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer 

Chef's Inspiration

Chef knives are a great staple to have around the kitchen. However, a simple knife cannot always cut vegetables in all of the ways that recipes require. That is unless you have the Chef’s Inspirations Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer. This device comes with five different blades, that way you’re always prepared whether a recipe calls for elegant vegetable garnishes, somewhat thick stir-fry ingredients, or really chunky cuts. People are calling this slicer “sleek,” “well-designed,” and “versatile.” At $30 this product is a total bargain!


4. RSVP White Marble Mortar and Pestle 

Mortar and Pestle

Even with all of the new kitchen gadgets that come out every year, you really can’t go wrong with investing in a tried-and-true favorite. And considering mortar and pestles have been used for centuries and are still considered one of the best way of releasing the full, true flavors of herbs and spices we’d say investing in this RSVP Mortar and Pestle is a great idea. Made out of a solid piece of white marble this piece is not only functional but beautiful. One Amazon reviewer even shared that she leaves it out as a piece of art! $15 for a work of art that also helps you cook? Not too shabby!

5. Magic Bullet 

Magic Bullet

 The Magic Bullet is a unique twist on the traditional blender. Instead of a bulky, square shape, this device is a sleek, bullet shape, that won’t take up as much room on your countertop. Simply throw your desired ingredients into the removable “cup,” twist the blade into place, and then blend! Once you’ve reached your desired consistency, you can simply detach the cup, remove the blade, and enjoy. Or use one of the included caps to cover your beverage and just “mix-and-go” as one Amazon reviewer put it. At just $39, this one is definitely worth considering!

6. Premium Vegetable Spiralizer 

Premium Vegetable Spiralizer

Have you been dying to get into the new trend of turning your vegetables into noodles? Well, with the Premium Vegetable Spiralizer, you can! It’s simple. You just take a sturdy vegetable of your choice, like a zucchini or carrot, give this spiralizer a couple of turns, and voila! Beautiful vegetable noodles for refreshing pasta entrées or salads. This spiralizer has stainless steel blades and the whole device is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Considering this spiralizer is the #1 best seller in Amazon’s Peeler section, we’d say the $12 price tag is a total steal!

7. Weber Vegetable Basket 

Weber Steel Vegetable Basket

There are several ways to enjoy vegetables. You can boil them, roast them, steam them, or just eat them raw. If you constantly find yourself with vegetables that lose their vibrant color or crisp texture, then you could definitely benefit from investing in the Weber Vegetable Basket. This simple stainless steel basket can be set right on your grill allowing the heat to penetrate the vegetables without rendering them soggy. This is another #1 best seller in its category so at $15, you really have no reason to not get this baby.


8. Havesome Goods Nut Milk Bags

Nut Milk Bags

Nowadays you are likely to find soy and nut milks in any local grocery store. However, there is something so satisfying about making your own food from scratch, or in this case, milk. With Havesome Goods Nut Milk Bags, making your favorite non-dairy milk is super easy! The tightly woven mesh of the nylon bag delivers a good straining action while allowing for an easy passage of liquid. As one Amazon reviewer pointed out, you can even make freshly squeezed juice with these bags. And they’re just a little over $8!

9. Ball Mason Jars

Mason Jars


The more cooking you do, the more storage you will need for all of your culinary creations. And what better way to display them than in sleek Ball Mason Jars? This best-selling jar is perfect for storing jams, nuts, seeds, jellies or even assembling salads ahead of time for a week full of healthy lunches. You can even take them to the grocery store with you for bulk purchasing. And considering this 12-pack is just $18, you may even consider buying two sets!

10. Gourmia Countertop Dehydrator


Dehydrators are an easy, healthy, and economical way to make delicious fruit snacks, vegetables, and herbs at home. They’re also a perfect way to preserve foods without the use of additives or preservatives. The Gourmia Countertop Dehydrator has six spacious shelves so that you can make multiple goodies at the same time. And don’t worry, unlike some other dehydrators, Amazon reviewers assure that this one runs quietly and at $99 it’s actually cheaper than what is offered on Gourmia’s website. Can’t argue with that!

11. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Chopper

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Chopper 2

Cooking at home can sometimes be time-consuming. No one can argue with that. Thankfully, there are tons of gadgets on the market nowadays that aim to simplify the cooking process so that home chefs don’t have to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen. The Cuisinart Stainless Steel Chopper is one of these devices. With stainless steel blades, this handy tool allows you to chop anything from dense vegan cheese to a clove of garlic in just seconds. And at just a little over $20 reviewers report this chopper is well worth the price.

12. Quirky Mocubo Cutting Board 

Quirky Mocubo Cutting Board

If you decide to do your chopping the old-fashioned way, investing in a quality cutting board is always a good idea. The Quirky Mocubo Cutting Board, for instance, is made from strong and durable bamboo, an ideal material for a cutting board surface since it is less prone to knife markings and moisture absorption over time. Plus, this $17 board is elevated and has three small drawers that slide out so that you can neatly store all of your freshly chopped fruits and veggies away until you are ready to incorporate them into the dish. Alternatively, you can use the drawers as a unique way to display chopped hors d’oeuvres.


13. Fenugreen FreshPaper Produce Saver Sheets

Fresh Paper

If you’re one of those produce buyers that constantly purchases way more fruits and vegetables than you can eat, Fenugreen Fresh Paper Produce Saver Sheets are going to be a total life saver for you! Simply place one FreshPaper sheet into your fridge drawer, salad bag, fruit bowl, berry carton, or on your countertop. These babies guarantee to keep your produce fresh for two to four times longer than if you didn’t have them! Amazon reviewers are right, these are definitely a great food and money saver.

14. Norpro Stainless Steel Avocado Slicer

Norpro Stainless Steel Slicer

Some tools are so simple but useful, you are surprised you didn’t think of it yourself. Norpro Stainless Steel Avocado Slicer is one of those devices, and at less than $10, it’s an affordable one! All you have to do is cut the avocado in half, pop out the pit, and then glide the Norpro slicer through the “meat” of the avocado. And just like that, you have 12 slices of avocado so perfect you’ll want to share them on Instagram.

15. Bare Ware Three-Layer Stainless Steel Lunch Box 

Bare Ware Stainless Steel Lunch Box

And of course, we all know that while cooking goes on at home, you’ll want to take some of your creations with you on-the-go. That’s where Bare Ware Three-Layer Stainless Steel Lunch Box comes in. This sleek lunchbox has three spacious layers so that you can store all of your food with ease. And don’t be thrown off by the size, as one Amazon reviewer put it, this box is small on the outside but roomy on the inside! And since the box comes with lots of compartments, controlling the portions of your meals has never been easier. Guess you really are never too old for a sturdy lunch box!

Lead Image Source: Spicy Tomato Tahini Spiralized Salad