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Ever tried carob? Also known as Ceratonia siliqua, this superfood legume is often used as a healthy alternative to cocoa. Harvested from the carob tree native to the Mediterranean, the long bean-like pods are dried or roasted and then ground to into a powder for use in many of the same ways one would use cocoa or raw cacao in recipes.

So, why carob? Well for starters it’s delicious. It offers a unique taste all its own, with natural earthy notes, and more nut-like sweetness than regular cocoa. Carob also hosts a slew of health benefits as it is rich in vitamin A and B vitamins, and has iron and protein to boot. It also supplies a solid dose of essential minerals like potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, and is a super source of vegan calcium, with 3 times the levels found in milk! And how else does it compare? Well, carob is caffeine free, and as a bonus, it is also lower in fat and calories than the traditional treat.

So why not give it a go the next time you are creating in the kitchen, and sub in carob for your cocoa. You can use the powder in place of instant coffee, as tasty snack right out of the bag or in trail mix, and it measures cup for cup when used instead of cocoa in baking. You can try it in your next batch of mole sauce, in place of chocolate chips in cookies, as a dusting for desserts, and even blended up into your fave green monster smoothie!

The following are a few of the varieties of carob available on the market now. Each has its own unique characteristics, and therefore its own fantastic flavour. Give a few types of carob products a try to discover what you like best and begin incorporating this delish delight into your diet today!

Bob’s Red Mill Carob Powder Toasted, 18-Ounce (Pack of 4)

Bobs red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill brand has been around since 1978. With years of experience creating high quality health food products, this company knows a thing or two about sustainability. Based in Milwaukie, Oregon, Bob’s is able to guarantee quality by keeping production all under one roof; theirs. And they believe that great food starts at the source, and so they maintain personal relationships with farmers from across the country, often making visits to their farms. Bob’s Red Mill offer one of the largest lines of ‘USDA Organic’, whole grain foods in the country. This carob powder is not certified organic, but the toasting gives it a rich deep and sweet flavour.

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