Wheat is a staple in many diets around the world. However, due to the increased manipulation of and hybridization of modern grains like corn and wheat, consumers have become enamored with ancient grains. Why? Well, ancient grains are less processed and, as a result, less likely to cause digestive problems or intolerance. While many people choose to eat ancient grains simply by using them as the base of a dish, or a side, nowadays there are plenty of other ways to enjoy these nutrient-dense wonders. One of the most notable ways is by transforming them into flour! 

While all-purpose white flour is stripped of its nutrients, has highly-refined carbohydrates, and is filled with gluten, ancient grain flours act like regular flour, most of them possess several nutritional benefits, and many of them are naturally gluten-free! Want to experience the benefits of ancient grain flours for yourself? Here are 12 to get you started!