Pre-packaged cereal is an amazing thing. Something almost everyone has fond memories of from their childhood. Most of these memories are filled with sugary, colorful concoctions like Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops. And as we grow older, cereal still has a special power. It’s easy; you can grab handfuls from the box, carry some with you in a bag for a snack or dump some in a bowl with a little dairy-free milk. And it’s usually tasty, too. Until you try some healthy varieties that fill your mouth with a cardboard-like flavor instead.

But it’s possible to choose cereals that are both healthy and tasty, that aren’t filled with sugar and other not-so-good ingredients. Whole grains are great, especially at the beginning of your day to keep you full throughout the morning. Here are nine healthy, whole-grain cereal brands worth trying. Surely, you can find a few to stock on your shelves for when you need a quick breakfast.


But first, here are three “healthy” choice to skip:

  • Peace Cereal. Why? Because they are not organic, although they say they use natural ingredients. They charge organic prices, but they’re products aren’t organic.
  • Cascadian Farm. Why? While the brand’s cereals are organic, the corporate owner, General Mills, is one of the largest agribusinesses involved in GMO agriculture.
  • Kashi. Why? Because even though they have some certified organic and non-GMO products, they’re owned by Kellog’s, a company that fought Proposition 37, the California ballot initiative for GMO labels.

Also, remember: If your cereal tastes a little plain, use some cinnamon, dried/fresh fruits, nuts or other healthy add-ins to make it yummier and more nutritious. Or sprinkle some on vegan yogurt.