Time and time again, people claim that the food item they crave the most when they give up or are cutting down on dairy is cheese.  Why is it that cheese is so hard to give up?  Would you believe us if we told you cheese is a drug?  It is shocking and probably sounds a bit crazy, but it is the truth.  The protein found in dairy, called casein, acts like a low dose of morphine in our brains, causing the same euphoric feeling associated with drug use.  Evolutionarily, this makes sense because this happy feeling ensures that a baby animal will continue to drink milk from its mother.

But if this morphine-mimicker is found in all dairy, why is it that these strong cravings are mainly associated with cheese?  Cheese is concentrated milk, so it has a higher concentration of casein than milk, meaning that a block of cheese floods your system with these feel good hormones.

Now, this would all be fine and dandy if cheese was chock full of vital nutrients, but the truth is that its effect on your health is also similar to that of a drug.  Cheese is full of cholesterol and has been linked to everything from heart disease to cancer.  While weaning yourself off of dairy may be hard, with recipes like the one’s listed below, you no longer have to suffer through cheese cravings!

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