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A new video shared by One Protest features more heartbreaking footage that shows why elephants don’t belong in captivity. Ely (the elephant) resides at the San Juan De Aragon Zoo in Mexico, and you can clearly see that something is terribly wrong. Not only does Ely look extremely bored, depressed, and is showing signs of zoochosis, there may also be more to the story.

According to One Protest’s animal investigator, “Ely is sometimes lethargic for very long periods of time as if she was ‘turned off.’ This time however it was a bit different. Ely first started pressing her head against the bar and then spent, as you can see on the video, a long time pressing her head while also staying ‘turned off.’ We are apprehensive about Ely as this could mean she has a headache or neurological condition. In any case, Ely must be in a lot of pain, and that is why she refuses to move at times and also tries to relieve her head pain by pressing herself against the bars. She doesn’t seem to be getting any medical treatment or check-ups to ensure that this situation is not threatening her life. ”

What will it take for zoos to stop reducing majestic elephants to this heartbreaking existence? It’s going to take animal lovers like you sharing these videos, educating your peers, signing petitions, joining protests, and people to STOP spending their money at these “animal prisons.” Ely needs our help, use your voice to speak for her, and put pressure on this zoo to get Ely the medical care she needs in a safe animal sanctuary!

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