In rescue work, you often hear stories showing how cruel some kids can be to animals. But thank goodness, there are other kids out there who are not only compassionate but making a difference! A young boy named Joshua did just that when he made the important call to Hope for Paws after discovering an injured Muscovy duck.

Joshua waited with the duck until Eldad and Loreta arrived. When Loreta went to pick up the duck, the animal attempted to make a run for it, but Eldad immediately noticed that he had a broken leg. This was clear not only because he couldn’t walk without flopping over, but it looked like someone actually attempted to make a splint for it using a stick and plastic. Joshua helped Loreta get the duck into a crate and helped Eldad check to make sure the other ducks appeared to be in good shape.


After a quick call to Ventura Hummingbird Rescue, Joshua and Loreta named the duck Daphne. The rescue team thanked Joshua and his family for their help and even gave Joshua his own lucky leash! A few moments later, Daphne was headed to start treatment and recovery at Ventura.

According to Daphne’s caretakers, duck bones are hollow so they heal relatively fast. They expect Daphne to be fully recovered after a few weeks! Share this incredibly sweet story to help spread more awareness and save more innocent animals. Thank you, Joshua, for being a wonderful example of what can happen when kids are taught compassion for all living things!

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