When I first heard about the story of Gito the tiny baby orangutan who was left all alone in a cardboard box I was absolutely outraged! I mean, I’ve never personally met an orangutan, but from what I do know, they’re super smart and really nice and I just don’t know why anyone would want to take them out of the forest, away from their mom AND put them in a box and just LEAVE THEM in the middle of nowhere. Just why.

But sadly, this is what happened to little Gito. He spent days and days in a box without any food or care. Can you even imagine?!

The good news is, the amazing hoomans from International Animal Rescue swooped in and saved the day! The first few days were super rough because he was so sick … but after lots of love and care, something incredible happened.

Just look at him NOW!



Ah! Isn’t it so incredible what can happen when people put their powers to good! Now Gito is swingin’ away and well on his way to going to monkey school, in no time at all he’ll be back in the wild with new orangutan friends!