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Magic tricks amaze the young and old alike, from amazing stunts by professionals like David Copperfield to little bits of magic from your grandpa, who might have pulled a quarter out from behind your ear. It no doubt takes us by surprise and wows us. But, what about dogs? Do dogs react to magic the way we do? Jose Ahonen, a Finland-based magician and mentalist, finds out just that. In the video, Ahonen vanishes a doggie treat into thin air, right under the noses of many unsuspecting dogs. Some react by barking — could be dog language for “What kind of sorcery is this?” While others leave questionable expressions on their faces, head tilted to one side, probably wondering where that tasty doggie treat went. Don’t worry though. The dogs starring in this video did receive treats before and after the magic trick, assures Ahonen on his YouTube page. Watch as these unsuspecting dogs take on the funniest reactions to magic: