Surfers Andy Flounders and Matthew Stanley caught much more than waves while surfing off of the coast of England recently. They caught footage of a baby seal trying to shoot the curl with them! Filming the entire encounter on Stanley’s Go Pro, Flounders was originally frightened by the adventurous little guy as he nudged his foot from beneath the water.

It didn’t take long for the playful pup to approach Stanley’s board and try to hop on, much to the sportsman’s delight.  “It was a once in a lifetime experience.” he said of the session, which lasted for over an hour. “I’ve never seen a seal that close up, never mind one sitting on a board.”

Seals in the wild are often hunted for their pelts or culled due to the erroneous belief that their hunting practices deplete commercial fishing populations. Though the EU has banned the sale of seal products, the industry continues to fight it. Known for being fun-loving and curious, this type of legislation is imperative to keep them, and all animals, protected.

After deciding to finish up for the day and head to shore, Stanley and Flounders noticed that their intrepid new buddy tried to come along. Worried for his safety, they notified the local marine wildlife authority to be on the lookout for him but, even after a day of hanging flipper, he was just fine. Gnarly, dude!