Globally, there has been great positive momentum toward ending animal cruelty for entertainment. Just recently, countries like India, Italy, and Ireland have banned wild animal circus acts, following in the footsteps of other countries like the UK, Netherlands, Iran, and Romania. Within the U.S., a number of cities like Los Angeles, New York City, and Portland, Maine have banned the use of wild animals in circuses, and although this is certainly applaudable, it is time the entire U.S. put an end to this archaic form of “entertainment” that research and investigations have shown causes immense psychological and physical torture and pain for animals.

A petition on Care2 explains that life for elephants used in circuses is so dangerous that they only live about half as long as their wild brethren. Forced to incessantly perform unnatural tricks in front of rowdy crowds only to return to sub-standard shelter and care, these innocent animals are forced to obey orders to avoid being brutally beaten.

The petition is calling on U.S. Congress to put a nationwide ban on the use of elephants in circuses, which will hopefully lead to a ban on all animals used in circuses. Please take a moment to support this proposal by signing the petition.

Until there is a national ban in effect, the single best way to combat the use of animals in circuses is by never buying a ticket to see one of these shows. Some people are still unaware of the truth behind animals used in circuses, so please remember to share this with your network to further spread awareness for the cause!

Image Source: Kristin Breneman/Flickr