A true animal lover will go to incredible lengths to help another living creature in need. We have seen people stop traffic to allow ducks to safely cross a busy street, watched someone drive into a canal to save a trapped dog, and even witnessed a person jumping into the ocean to save a drowning black bear (it’s a crazy story). Every time we see someone go above and beyond to help an animal, it warms our hearts and reminds us how compassionate people can be.

This story of a Norwegian man who dove right into freezing cold water to save a duck is sure to do just that!


When this man came across the sight of a duck trapped upside down, frozen under a thin top layer of ice – he did not hesitate to act.

Some people might call him crazy for immersing himself in such frigid waters, but we think it would be crazier not to want to help.

After a brisk dive, the man was able to successfully rescue the bird and get him back on land.

And just like that, the bird was saved! We’re sure this was no easy task, but this guy sure makes it look like it was a piece of cake. Thanks, kind sir!

Image Sources: imgur