There are millions of dogs who enter into the shelter system every year. Some have been abandoned and some are homeless or strays. But, no matter the dog, the experience of being in a strange place filled with hundreds of other barking dogs and people you don’t know can be very overwhelming and stressful. For some dogs, this experience causes them to act out in ways that a potential adopter might see as anti-social behavior or aggression.

Edie was one of these dogs. She had been brought into a shelter and her fur was filled with mattes. Edie was so scared to be in the shelter that she was deemed un-adoptable and slotted for euthanasia. Luckily, a kind person noticed Edie and decided they would not let the shelter euthanize this scared little dog. With the help of Hope for Paws, Edie was brought into the vet for an examination. Once she realized that the people there were there to help her and she felt safe, she calmed down and turned into a loving, amazing dog.

As the video shows, a shelter can be a scary place – so it is important that adopters remember this and not overlook dogs, like Edie, who just need a good hug and proper care.