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Sarah Kramer, Vegan activist and author of How It All Vegan, The Garden of Vegan, La Dolce Vegan and other books recently opened what may possibly be the smallest vegan curio shop in the world.

Located in the hear of Victoria, British Columbia, the new shop (called Sarah’s Place) is 7.5 feet wide and 30 feet deep and sells food, chocolate, pottery, clothing, shoes, and an assortment of other quirky items.


In an interview with Green Muze, Sarah explains why she opened the store. “My goal with the store (as with the cookbooks) is to show by example how fabulous a vegan lifestyle can be. My other goal is to have the store be the hub of the vegan community in Victoria. You can come here to find a gift for your friends, family or buy yourself a treat.”

If you’re not in Victoria, you can check out the online store where some of Sarah’s Place items are sold.