When it comes to shopping conscientiously for makeup, with animals in mind, consumers know that it’s a game of give and take. Sometimes our favorite makeup brands will have a few cruelty-free options, but are not willing to reformulate all of their products. Sometimes brands will proudly indicate on their packaging that they do not test on animals but at the same time, don’t realize that the carmine in their eyeshadow and lipstick is actually a dye that is derived from beetle’s wings.

Thankfully, as time passes, and companies become more aware that consumers are seeking cruelty-free products, we are seeing ripples of change. In fact, just recently we celebrated Kat Von D’s announcement that she was reformulating her makeup line to be completely cruelty-free and vegan. Well, guess what, Green Monsters? Don’t stop celebrating because The Body Shop just announced their new eight shade palette is 100 percent vegan! Hurray! The makeup line is sourced from plant-derived ingredients such as coconut, olive, and marula oils.


Here is the exciting announcement the company shared on their Instagram. 



It’s pretty amazing how consumers can spur change through their purchases. Just as consumers are looking for cleaner, cruelty-free food options, they are also extending this ideology into various parts of their lives, including toiletries and makeup. It’s obvious that change will not come in one fell swoop, but we will continue to celebrate these small victories along the way. Considering The Body Shop is a widely recognized and influential brand, we hope their compassionate choice will ripple outwards and inspire some of their allies in the makeup world to follow suit.


Editor’s Note 8/18/16: A previous version of this post incorrectly stated that the entire makeup line is now vegan, it has since been clarified that there are only new vegan offerings.

Lead image source: The Body Shop/Instagram