Information about the warming Earth can be pretty overwhelming at times. Since it is difficult to absorb all the information about the past impacts on our planet and what the future impacts will be, the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme produced a simple video to visualize a warming Earth over the next 100 years.


The video illustrates a number of changes that have already occurred due to human activity, as well as future changes that are predicted based on current trends which include:

  • Surface temperature changes that may result from a four-degree Celsius rise by 2100
  • Arctic sea ice coverage over the years and an ice-less summer sea prediction by 2100
  • Sea level rises and where flooding will occur in the future
  • Cyclone tracks from 2000 to 2012
  • Ocean acidity, which is up 26 percent since the Industrial Revolution

The short video condenses a plethora of information into one visual, global scale that is easy to digest. It then leaves us with this important question: Can we prevent the globe from rising above a two degree temperature increase?

It is estimated that we can release an additional 275.5 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere before we reach a two-degree increase. But at the current rate of 11 billion tons of carbon a year, a two-degree increase is possible in just 25 years. Dare we wait that long to take action?

What we really need to do is look at our habits now, and change them before it gets too late, and we must urge our governments and industries to do the same, too.