We all know the incomparable value of people coming together and through their collective effort helping a hopeless animal. One such wonderful rescue recently took place in Mexico when a  group of people in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, stepped in to rescue a stranded humpback whale.

On May 7, 2017, the municipal and Civil Protection authorities were alerted about the whale, which appeared to be stuck on the beach at Bahía Ensenada La Ventosa. It took many people – environmental protection officers, Navy personnel, fishermen, but also kind and eager to help residents and visitors – to move the animal. The whale was more than eight meters long and, according to the estimations, weighed about ten tonnes! The rescue took three hours, but it ended in a great success, as the whale returned safely to the waters.


Nayeli Aquino Rojas, veterinarian and coordinator of the municipal fisheries department who helped supervise the rescue, believes that the animal most probably became disoriented while migrating North and was pushed towards the beach by strong currents. Hopefully, the whale was set back on the right course thanks to this kind action!