The Wildlife SOS and Forest Department recently found a sloth bear entangled in a barbed wire fence just outside the village of Vittalapura, India – and thank goodness they did! After the senior veterinarian, Dr. Aran, tranquilized the sloth bear to remove him from the fence, they also found a poacher’s snare around his left forelimb. Needless to say, the sloth bear would definitely not have survived if it hadn’t been tended to by this great team of compassionate animal lovers.

The bear appeared to be around 10 months old and was clearly scared, helpless, and in pain. It was also evident that he struggled a great deal to free himself because of mouth wounds from gnawing at the fence. The Wildlife SOS and Forest Dept. team also took great care to clean the bear’s injuries caused by the poachers snare. Once the sloth bear was treated, he was released back into the wild and you can actually see him go from groggy to running off through the grassland. Let’s hope this little guy stays out of harm’s way from here on out.

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